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The new Honda EU30i offers increased power output but maintaining portability, ease of use and noise efficiency. The new EU30i offers 3kVa maximum and 2.6kVA continuous power; ideal for a wide range of applications.

With ease of use and innovation always at the heart of Honda's range, the EU30i represents a highly effective solution to the challenge to deliver higher power whilst retaining portability. Offering 1kw more output than the EU20i, the EU30i is mounted on two wheels with a foldaway multi-position handle to deliver a tow weight of just 8kgf - more than portable enough for one user. Two further fixed handles have been added to the side of the unit to enable two people to load and unload.

Other enhancements which contribute to lower weight and higher portability include the use of magnesium for the first time - in the centre frame - which while more expensive than steel is four times lighter. The use of highly rigid resin in the front frame further enhances weight reduction compared to other models. A new compact inverter unit and Rotor Hub have also been added, delivering weight savings of 500g and 730g respectively, compared to previous models. Additionally, a lower centre of gravity compared to many competitor units means that more load is directly absorbed by the frame; reducing towing weight and increasing stability.

Noise reduction was also a major focus in the development of the EU30i. Honda's unique shielding layout - which positions the inverter unit between the intake and the engine - and high performance sound absorbing material in the resonator significantly reduce noise to deliver around the same level of the smaller EU20i.

Other key features of the new EU30i include an eco-throttle to minimise fuel consumption; parallel operation capability to use two units simultaneously for increased output capacity; high quality power output thanks to a 32 bit microcomputer and built in electronic governor; a closable fuel vent for improved portability and transport; and a 12v DC output. In a greater drive towards ease of use, all controls, indicators and output system are now brought together in an integrated front panel.

honda eu30i 2009 foto